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At Harrisburg University, students are equipped with tools that provide invaluable hands-on experience as they move forward in their careers.

A key software used by students enrolled in HU’s Advanced Manufacturing Bachelor of Science program, dubbed Factory I/O, allows them to replicate today’s most advanced manufacturing facilities via 3D factory simulation.

“The beauty of it for the student is they are able to manipulate different factory situations,” said Advanced Manufacturing Professor Glenn Williams. “The reason that we do this is because it benefits employers, especially those who are using advanced manufacturing platforms. The student can come in (to the workforce) with an understanding of the role of the different technologies that make machines work in a coordinated, optimized way.”

Factory I/O provides an in-depth view of internal operations, showing students what it takes to operate an advanced manufacturing system.

In a real-world environment, understanding the components and materials that make machines operate is vital for any advanced manufacturing industry, said junior Advanced Manufacturing major, Chhun So.

“This would be a skill that extends to a whole variety of jobs. And understanding this system will help us in getting jobs that involve PLCs and other digital input, output processes,” So said.

Professor Williams, So, and other Advanced Manufacturing students recently shared more insights about their use of Factory I/O in the video links below:

Factory I/O

Building a Digital Twin

PLCnext Technology

To learn more about HU’s B.S. in Advanced Manufacturing Program, please visit this link.


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