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Jai Keerthy Chowlur Revanna, a student in the Information Systems Engineering and Management Ph.D. program, and his thesis advisor, Dr.  Nushwan Yousif B. Al-Nakash, have recently published a paper on ‘Ant Colony Optimization with Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Google Maps’ at the 2023 9th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (ICACCS).

Their paper has been officially published by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The publication can be accessed at the following link:

The paper outlines the use of ant colony optimization with simulated annealing algorithm to optimize Google Maps routing, a significant challenge in the field of computational intelligence. The research conducted by Chowlur and Al-Nakash has important implications for improving the efficiency and accuracy of routing algorithms and could have practical applications in fields such as transportation and logistics.

The publication of this paper at a highly reputed IEEE Conference is a significant achievement for both Chowlur and Al-Nakash, and is a testament to their expertise and dedication in the field of computational intelligence.

Information on the Ph.D. in ISEM is found at


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