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For so many people, 2020 was a year unlike one ever seen before. Much of the world had to shut down throughout the year in its effort to combat COVID-19. These mitigation efforts left the national unemployment rate in May at 13 percent, one of the worst rates seen since the Great Depression. It was hardly an ideal time for University seniors to graduate.

Despite some of the worst economic times seen in generations, Harrisburg University’s newest class of undergraduate alumni have, by and large, overcome these great challenges placed in front of them and found success! The Office of Career Services recently finalized its survey on the Class of 2020 and found that an astounding 91% have found themselves working, attending graduate school, or enlisted in the military.

“We are elated to find the vast majority, over 90% of our most recent Bachelor of Science Degree graduates were able to endure these tough economic times and find their footing in the work world, whether it has been finding employment or getting accepted into graduate school,” said Jeff Kayer, HU Employer Relations & Career Development Coordinator. “It’s a testament to so many of these students working with our office and other HU staff attending our career events and persevering to find success.”

The Graduation Survey was conducted following rules set forth by NACE, the National Association of Colleges and Employers, which Harrisburg University’s Office of Career Services is a member.

NACE’s Knowledge Rate Goal, the percentage of the graduating class in which the school learns of their outcomes goal is for colleges or universities to reach a knowledge rate, is 65 percent. The Office of Career Services has far exceeded this goal as it boasted a final knowledge rate of 88 percent.

“Harrisburg University students are vastly prepared for the workforce and equipped with the tools, knowledge, and unique skill set,” said Kristin DiMatteo, HU Employer Relations & Career Development Coordinator. “We are so proud of the class of 2020 and their success in securing employment.”

For more information about NACE’s first Destinations and Protocols, visit this link.


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