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Harrisburg University graduates move on and succeed with many organizations and industries across the world. In fact, 91 percent of HU graduates report they landed jobs in their fields or were accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation. 

We recently caught up with Sikdar Mohammad Zaman, who earned an M.S. in Analytics from HU, to learn more about him and his journey from HU to the workplace:

 Q: What is your current role, and how did HU Data Analytics program prepare you for it? 

A: I am currently working in Continuum Health as a Senior Data Integrator. Harrisburg University’s Analytics course contains a broad, practical curriculum including data analytics, data management, data visualization and so on. This knowledge helped to work on different sectors such as data modeling, making dashboards, reports, and statistical calculations.  

Q:   What are a couple of things you loved most about Harrisburg University?  

A: Teachers, resources, and relevant techniques. Teachers at Harrisburg University are excellent. The library of Harrisburg university is enriched and each member of the staff in different departments really helped when needed. The most amazing thing about the course was the flexibility of attending classes online. It helped me to work and study side by side. In addition, Canvas helped to organize course work and submission of assignments and exams, I did not have to use papers to submit assignments, which was environmentally friendly.  

Q: Describe how HU changed your life, and/or prepared you for the next level. 

A: By having a master’s degree in Analytics from Harrisburg University it helped me to clear my basics of data science and showed me a path to utilize the data in different fields. Which helped me to grow my career.  

Q: What was your favorite class and why? 

A: There were several classes which I liked. However, Applied Project/Thesis Analysis course is my favorite. Because, I had a chance to work with real data and share my ideas in a thesis paper.  Moreover, this course contains a summary of every course which I had learned previously in other semesters, it was a great refresher.   

Q: What are some of your hobbies? 

A: Some of my hobbies are photography, reading books, and travelling.  

For information about Harrisburg University’s Master of Science in Analytics program, visit this link.


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