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Esteban Gregory is a second-year student majoring in Interactive Media from Philadelphia, PA.  He was recently selected to participate in TwitchCon.  It’s a major honor for a content creator to be selected for this event.  TwitchCon is a semi-annual gaming convention for the livestreaming video platform Twitch. The convention is organized by Twitch Interactive and focuses on the general culture of livestreaming and video gaming. TwitchCon also serves as an opportunity for streamers and content creators to improve their stream quality and grow their brand.  TwitchCon is open to industry professionals, streamers, and fans; the convention allows community members to meet streamers, discover new products, and trial new games

How did you get invited to TwichCon?

I was given the opportunity to go to TwitchCon through the creatorU program created and developed by Uconnect Esports. This is the first time they have ever done something like this for student content creators, since they mainly focus on Collegiate esports. There was an open entry for any college content creator regardless of size.

How many applicants were there?

Out of 100+ applicants, I made it to the top 24 and then the top 8, which was originally going to be 6 altogether. Since I was chosen, I was flown out to San Diego for an all-expense paid trip to TwitchCon for all three days, the afterparty, and to stay at their creatorU house nearby.

What did you do at the event?

During my time there, I attended the convention and traveled through the main show floor, visited game and organization booths, met with other content creators and talked with brands. On one of the days, I had a streaming backpack on and IRL streamed on the Uconnect twitch channel for all to see. There was also a mixer that I attended one of the nights where I met with industry professionals, some of whom are from companies like twitch, Optic Gaming, Epic Games, VShojo, and Nintendo.

What did you get out of the trip?

I was able to connect with them and even exchange information and business cards with some of them. There were also several streams that I was a part of at the house, such as an advertisement campaign, a cooking challenge, and a panel where industry professionals came to ask and answer questions. The main things that I have gotten out of this trip are learning how to properly network in the gaming and content creation industry, establishing connections with fellow streamers and brands, and defining what it means to have a personal brand and market myself properly. I was very thankful to the staff at Uconnect and my fellow winners, and I would not have traded that weekend for anything.

Are you doing an internship?

I am not currently involved in any internships but would like to do something in terms of esports or content creation for esports orgs.

How long have you been creating content?

I have been doing content creation for a few years, specifically YouTube for 6 years and twitch for almost 2 years. I started my channels in High School, and my love for Nintendo and all things gaming is the main reasons for my push onto the Internet.

How long have you been playing these games

I started playing games when I was only 6 or 7 years old, and it’s now been a huge part of my life. This is also one of the reasons I chose HU as the school to attend, because of the gaming-based community and opportunities to create and develop things all on my own.

What are your future goals?

My dream is to become a full-time content creator/streamer, or to be a part of an organization that specializes in content creation. I am already on said journey, as I was a part of the creator program and am an active and founding member of the N10 Nintendo Community. Sharing my passions for gaming and entertainment to the world is a dream of itself, but with the right guidance, tools, and hard work, I know I can make it a reality.

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