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A startup company co-founded by Harrisburg University Professor Dr. Farooq Anjum has raised $2.3 million in seed funding.

The company, GroGuru, a San Diego-based startup that enables farmers to increase crop yield, has been backed by The Yield Lab, Longley Capital, Mentors Fund, the San Diego Angel Conference, Right Side Capital, and other angel investors.

GroGuru intends to use the funding to grow its team, scale operations, and deploy critical sensor technologies that will be connected to the cloud.

GroGuru has developed technology that provides farmers with insights into groundwater near the root zone of a crop (like corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and sorghum) for maximizing yield and for the use of water and other scarce resources in a sustainable way. The company’s wireless underground system, WUGS, allows for the permanent installation of soil sensors in annual field crops like corn and soybeans, eliminating the need for the yearly removal of soil sensors. WUGS provides farmers digital data with recommendations about when and how much to irrigate crops. Dr. Anjum is a full-time Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) Graduate Program Professor at HU. He also is a program lead for the university’s Next Generation Disruptive Technologies Graduate Program. To learn more about GroGuru and its recent seed funding, follow this Link.

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