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A Harrisburg University of Science and Technology professor was acknowledged as co-authoring a recently published whitepaper by the IEC, an international standards organization based in Geneva. 

The 81-page whitepaper entitled, “Quantum Information Technology” addresses a wide range of issues pertaining to quantum technologies and covers the role of standardization in advancing the development and commercialization of the highly advanced technology.

HU Professor Terrill Frantz said of his contribution made to the document, “HU is increasing proving that it has the ability to contribute ‘more than its weight’ in the STEM-heavy field of quantum technology. Our level of engagement and our ability to productively collaborate with other quantum experts from around the world—in this case, Europe, U.K., China, Korea, Canada, and of course across the USA—is indicative of our strong STEM programs at the university.”

Frantz notes that HU is earning its way into this complex and highly technical scientific field and being accepted by the global community.

What this means is that collaborations like those in writing this whitepaper present our students with an exceptional opportunity to expand their intellectual horizons well beyond the limits of our local neighborhood.,” says Frantz.

See the document:

Frantz leads Quantum Science graduate studies at Harrisburg University. Additionally, he is associate professor of eBusiness and Cybersecurity. 

For more about the quantum technologies work at HU, see


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