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Harrisburg University Biology Professor Dr. Rachel Fogle and Research Scientist Joseph Tetreault recently had three manuscripts peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, including a paper that Senior Environmental Science and Sustainability student Ashly Ramos co-authored. Michael Timmons of Cornell University also contributed to the paper.

The paper, researched and written by Fogle, Tetreault, Ramos, and Timmons, is titled, “A predictive model of nutrient recovery from RAS drum screen effluent for reuse in aquaponics.” It was published in a special edition of the “Horticulturae” journal dubbed, “Using Residual Materials as Fertilizers,” on March 21.

Ramos will deliver a presentation on the work she and her collaborators completed during the Harrisburg University Research Symposium on April 19. To view the article, click here.

The second paper, authored by Fogle, Tetreault, and colleagues Sean Fogarty, of the University of Vermont, and Tetreault’s mentor, Todd Geurdat, is titled, “Coupled aquaponics: Optimizing hydraulic retention times using a parallel unit process water treatment approach.” The paper was published March 9, 2023 in the Olericulture section of the journal, “Frontiers in Horticulture.”  To view the article, visit this link.

The third paper, researched and written by Fogle, Tetreault, and Geurdat, is titled, “Scalable coupled aquaponics design: Lettuce and tilapia production using a parallel unit process approach.” It was published within the Aquatic Foods section of “Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems,” and part of the research topic, “Towards More Resilient Aquaculture – Reducing and Reutilising Aquaculture Wastes.” This article represents Harrisburg University’s pilot submission following a recent publishing agreement with “Frontiers.” Read the article at the following link.


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