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JPL is partnering with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to tell its story through an innovative projection mapping exhibit. The exhibit includes audio, video and animation projected on a 3-D structure. The University is planning to teach the art and science of projection mapping and students will be able to update the exhibit in the future.

With the advent of new video projection technology, projection mapping has become easier to achieve on a smaller scale. “There aren’t many permanent projection map installations in our area so we’re excited to bring this new technology and art form to Harrisburg,” said JPL Motion Graphics Designer Josh Miller.

The project was challenging given the shape of the installation location.  3-D CAD models were used as a starting point for construction and to create content which required only a few fine adjustments on site to achieve a perfect fit. “The JPL team pulled their respective talents to complete a display that will attract attention to the school and educate students in a new technology,” said JPL Senior Engineer Jason Z. Slenker.

JPL produced several videos to celebrate Harrisburg University’s tenth anniversary and repurposed them for the new display in the lobby by Strawberry Square.

“We are delighted to tell the HU story with this innovative projection mapping technology,” said Harrisburg University Interactive Media Professor Charles Palmer. “The display serves a dual purpose since our students will be able to learn and master this technology by updating content through their classwork. They are already eager to get started,” added Palmer.