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The Susquehanna River Basin Commission recently interviewed John Quigley, Director Center for Environment, Energy and Economy (E3) at Harrisburg University and Jamie Shallenberger, Manager Monitoring & Protection Program, SRBC.

Last fall, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology announced the recipients of 2019-2020 Presidential Grants and one of the grant awards went to Harrisburg University professors affiliated with the Center for Environment, Energy, and Economy.

This interview offers an insight into Phase I and Phase II of the Machine Learning Digital Dashboard project that saw Harrisburg Data Science and Environmental Science Professors, Doctoral Students, and undergraduate students create a user friendly Dashboard to assist SRBC with its management decisions.

Shallenberger and his staff are working with Harrisburg University, demonstrating the power of data science to augment decision making in support of natural resources by environmental agencies.  The interview was an overview of the work that has been developed to date.

Quigley said this collaboration is the first of its kind that he is aware of nationally, where a University and an environmental agency are sharing data to construct an artificial intelligence dashboard system to improve the environment.

To view the interview, follow this Link.