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Under the Authority of PL 116-136 Title VIII Coronavirus Aid. Relief and Economic Security, “CARES Act” provides Harrisburg University specifically with a generous grant in the amount of $3,995,470 intended to directly benefit its students.

As of October 7, 2021, $1,511,250 has been distributed directly to students. This leaves $2,484,220 of the $3,995,470 total award in reserve for late filers, appeals, and those otherwise determined to qualify based on updated U.S. Department of Education regulations. In addition, qualified students enrolled in the 2021-2022 academic year will receive assistance under the CARES ACT.

The university recognizes that all its students have been affected by the COVID-19 emergency, whether due to having to purchase new equipment and/or invest in technological upgrades to successfully shift from an on-campus to a virtual campus environment; or due to loss of employment, resulting in difficulty in paying for rent, food, or other living expenses; or due to other unforeseen circumstances.  Initially 572 were determined to meet eligibility based on the following criteria:

A one-time grant in the amount of $1500 was issued automatically in the form of a check and mailed to all Pell eligible students who met the previously mentioned criteria. Non-Pell eligible were similarly issued $1000.  Students did not need to submit anything to receive it.

Students who can demonstrate expenses directly related to the COVID-19 emergency that exceed $1500 may submit an appeal for additional funds by sending an email to The appeal must state the student’s name, student ID, the reason for the appeal, the amount requested, and documentation of expenses. Since students are already receiving $1500 from this grant, all documentation must show expenses that exceed that amount. Requests that do not provide the preceding information will not be considered.

CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund – Required Reporting

Higher Education Emergency Relief “HEERF” Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Report

Report Date 10/07/21 (covering quarter ending 09/30/21)

10/07/2021 (covering quarter ending 09/30/2021)
07/08/2021 (covering quarter ending 06/30/2021)
04/06/2021 (covering quarter ending 03/31/2021)
01/08/2021 (covering quarter ending 12/31/2020)
10/28/2020 (covering quarter ending 09/30/2020)

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