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PMGT 576 Agile Lean Transformational Leadership

This course provides the student with innovative practices that need to be followed in order to transform a company or organization from a traditional waterfall mindset to more of an Agile Lean mindset and culture. Agile Lean Change management (not the typical change management talked about in project management relative to scope, budget, etc.) is one method that is being used successfully in the industry to move organizations from a more traditional mindset to Agile Lean. A transformation to Agile Lean relies significantly on the leaders in the organizations to facilitate the change. In conjunction with this course, the student learns the responsibilities and techniques of the Agile Coach role, which has become a key role in the industry to facilitate change. The student will study the importance of leader standard work, visual management techniques, and methods for leading change. This course will also offer the student an opportunity to learn about and use various Lean tools and how to lead using these tools. The student will also gain insights into strategy deployment, leading Lean teams and sustaining a Lean transformation.

Course ID: PMGT 576

Semester Hours: 3

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