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NGEN 585 Prin of Software Architectural Patt

This course will serve as a catalog of commonly used design patterns, prominent and dominant software patterns, and their applications. This course is divided into three modules. First, Software Architecture Patterns covers the various architectural patterns of object-oriented, component-based, client server, and cloud architecture. The need for software patterns is described. The various architectural patterns are listed and explained in detail in order to convey the what, where, why and how of architectural patterns. Second, Enterprise Integration Patterns covers enterprise application integration patterns and how they are designed. Patterns of service-oriented architecture (SOA), event driven architecture (EDA), resource-oriented architecture (ROA), big data analysis architecture, and microservice architecture (MSA) will be carefully studied. Finally, Patterns for Containerized and Highly Reliable Applications covers advanced topics such as Docker containers, high-performance, and reliable application architectures. Key takeaways include understanding what architectures are, why they are used, and how and where architecture design and integration patterns are being leveraged to build bigger and better systems.

Course ID: NGEN 585

Semester Hours: 3

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