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NGEN 540 Major Blockchain Trade-off & Choice

Blockchain Technology has ushered in a range of public and private chains. Both have serious trade-offs in terms of scalability, interoperability, and decentralization. While open blockchains have disrupted the capital market with ICO as a new way of borderless crowdfunding, private chains are building tokenization frameworks for existing assets like stocks, bonds, debt instruments, financial derivatives, land titles, etc. This course begins with a basic introduction to growth challenges faced by blockchains and how that has evolved into multi-blockchain ecosystem. It offers a detailed description of the state of deep-impact blockchains dominating in the current climate and what the scale of their applicability is at present. This course also teaches the student how governments/regulatory forces are accepting/reacting to these new forces and the major templates of this response.

Course ID: NGEN 540

Semester Hours: 3

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