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NGEN 534 Implementing Smart Contract & DApps

Open blockchains, particularly Ethereum, have spawned a unique category of crowdfunding options that standardize the entire process of how capital is raised and allocated. Specific technical expertise and a detailed knowledge of how decentralized applications are fast emerging as the new players in the ecosystem are required to navigate Open blockchains. This course offers a specific understanding of how the Ethereum blockchain has become a standard mechanism for launching new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) projects and DApps. This course will take the student through multiple phases of building an ERC20 (Ethereum Request for Comment) standard token and its deployment in real-life conditions. This course offers not only a core developer experience that stands behind an ICO, but also offers a comprehensive survey of how the Ethereum and non-Ethereum smart contract platforms have contributed to a completely new offering of DApps as blockchain-as-a-microservice.

Course ID: NGEN 534

Semester Hours: 3

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