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ISEM 700 Smart Enterprises and Strategic

Smart Enterprises are the next generation of digital enterprises that heavily rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to deal with customers, suppliers/partners, government agencies and employees. This course highlights advances in research, technologies, systems, and applications as related to intelligent digital enterprises such as smart cities, smart towns, smart healthcare, smart islands, industry4.0, and automated planning environments. The emphasis is on “strategic intelligence” (SI) that refers to the intersection of Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management, and Competitive Intelligence for improving the strategic decision making in Smart Enterprises. Instead of intelligence on one sector, SI concentrates on intelligence that cuts across multiple sectors. The course will use case-based and project-based approaches for discussion and assignments but the focus is on research directions in this broad area of work. Students will be expected to produce a research paper as the final output of this course.

Course ID: ISEM 700

Semester Hours: 3

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