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HCIN 550 Intro to Healthcare Analytics

This is the analytics survey course for the Program in Healthcare Informatics, both for the certificate and the master’s degree. Graduate students are exposed to the wide range of analytics tools and techniques used in today’s workplace. The ultimate goal of the course is familiarity with the strengths and limitations of these tools so that successful learners return to their workplaces with sufficient knowledge to ask appropriate questions of the available data, choose the appropriate tools and techniques used to analyze the available data, and explain the strengths and weaknesses of any inferences made. Master’s Degree students in Healthcare Analytics desiring more in-depth analytics application knowledge will pursue elective courses in ANLY. The student does not require mathematical knowledge beyond high school level algebra, although introductory calculus knowledge facilitates understanding in a few areas such as matrices, vectors, and rates of change.

Course ID: HCIN 550

Semester Hours: 3

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