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CYOM 599 Leadership, Ethics, and Compliance in Cybersecurity Industry

In this course, the student will explore leadership and ethical business decision making as related to the use of technology. Ethical obligations have both a professional and a personal dimension. Each are essential to consider; without a sense of personal ethics, one would be indifferent to their effect on the lives of others in circumstances where one’s professional code is silent. Personal leadership helps us to be sure that we take full responsibility for our moral choices and their consequences. This course addresses professional leadership and ethics in information technology as it applies to practical business managers and systems. This course teaches the student how to gain knowledge and understanding of a number of aspects, including: the types of harms the public can suffer as result of misuse of information technology; the importance of an individual privacy of information; legal and constitutional rights to protect information; and obligations of organizations to protect the public and ethical decision making.

Course ID: CYOM 599

Semester Hours: 3

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