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CISC 799 Doctoral Dissertation

This is an individual study course for the doctoral student that culminates in a Ph.D. Thesis. Content to be determined by the student and the student’s Doctoral Committee. The Computational Sciences thesis is an implementation of a serious experimental research that involves the formulation of a deductive model that makes novel and unforeseen predictions which should be then tested objectively and confirmed under conditions unfavorable to the hypothesis. In addition to a well written thesis, the student is required to deliver the computational solution in a specific domain. In support of their findings, the student is required to introduce a software package that meets the criteria of excellent software requirement. The thesis needs to show that the writer can produce their extended piece of work, in perfect English, and respects the standards of form and structure. May be repeated for credit.

Course ID: CISC 799

Semester Hours: 3-6

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