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CISC 504 Principles of Programming Languages

Description:This course explores a topic of collection of topics of special interest that is timely and in response to critical or emerging topics in the broad field of computer information sciences. The student with prior math or engineering education may have a foundation for the statistical concepts they encounter in a computer science graduate program, but not enough programming experience to keep up with the analysis, modeling and creating their own computational solutions. This course is intended to give the student the programming capability and experience required to succeed in their graduate study of master computer information sciences. The course is an application-driven and solution strategies with Python. Furthermore, integration between Python and other languages is also covered. Topics include programming paradigms, functional programming scripting languages, objects, algorithm design and analysis, trees, graphs, sorting and searching. The focus is on how these concepts relate to computational tasks in science and engineering.

Course ID: CISC 504

Semester Hours: 3

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