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CISC 211 Computer Organization & Archiecture

The goal of the course is to teach the design and operation of a digital computer. It serves students in two ways. First, for those who want to continue studying computer architecture, embedded systems, and other low-level aspects of computer systems, it lays the foundation of detailed implementation experience needed to make the quantitative tradeoffs in more advanced courses meaningful. Second, for those students interested in other areas of computer science, it solidifies an intuition about why hardware is as it is and how software interacts with hardware. The subject matter covered in the course includes technology trends and their implications, performance measurement, instruction sets, computer arithmetic, design and control of a datapath, pipelining, memory hierarchies, input and output, and brief introduction to multiprocessors. Offered Semester II (Spring), annually.

Course ID: CISC 211

Semester Hours: 4

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