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 Thomas  Panico

Thomas Panico Corporate Faculty (ESPT)

Since founding my own game design company in 2015, I have loved being a part of one of the most exciting industries in the world. My experience within the games industry includes creative direction, business strategy, partnership development, and operations. I am at my best while working in a startup environment, and thrive in any situation that requires flexibility and creative problem solving.

With a unique background that covers both creative and business roles, I am most comfortable when working within product development and management. My work as a designer and art director have taught me to trust in the creative partners that I work with, while my roles as a business owner and partnership developer have given me the tools to effectively manage projects and business operations of all sizes.

As a business developer, my greatest strength is my ability to identify unique value drivers within a company and formulate strategies and pivots that highlight that value. It is my belief that the best relationships in businesses are formed when all partners involved go the extra mile to provide exceptional value to one another. 

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