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 Charles  Brumlik, J.D., Ph.D.

Charles Brumlik, J.D., Ph.D. Corporate Faculty (BTMS)

Dr. Brumlik is an avid teacher and mentored hundreds of post-graduate professionals around the world. He was awarded a ChemLuminary Award for his volunteer work as a group chair in the American Chemical Society and co-chairing some of the largest sessions with NASA at annual meetings.

Charles Brumlik is an attorney and a chemist. He consults as a nanotechnology expert on many projects and leads a team of 12 technical searchers. As corporate IP attorney with Honeywell and ExxonMobil and at a Princeton IP law firm, he managed international intellectual property strategies for materials, drafted patents for chemicals, manufacturing processes, and consumer products and negotiated technology, funding, joint venture and intellectual property agreements.

Dr. Brumlik founded several companies including a molecular model startup and the science commercialization consulting firm Nanobiz catering to Global 500 company clients. His international work focuses on India, Europe, and Japan.