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Harrisburg, PA – Construction News and Review (CNR) has published a new article by Jen Mowery, Instructor of Agile Methodologies and Project Management at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HU). Known as “The Voice for the St. Louis Construction Industry” since 1969, CNR has been publishing continuously about the evolution of construction and adjacent fields for more than 55 years.

You can read the article, “The Role of Immersive Technologies in Construction: Benefits to Project Managers,” in full right now.

Professor Mowery is a doctoral learner of Organizational Leadership. She is trained and certified in SAFe 5.0 as well as a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner & Professional Scrum Master. She earned an Advanced Certificate in Virtual Reality Education in March 2023 from VictoryXR and is a member of the eXpanded Reality Taskforce at Harrisburg University.

In her article, Professor Mowery discusses difficulties in the construction industry, like complexity, rising costs, and the need for meticulous coordination, and the ongoing digital transformation underway in the field. Construction has historically been slow to adopt emerging technologies, but this is changing rapidly. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies, together known as “extended reality” or “XR,” have tremendous potential to improve and streamline construction projects and make it easier to carry out routine maintenance on existing structures.

“One of the primary benefits of XR technologies in construction is the improved visualization capabilities they offer,” writes Professor Mowery. “Project managers can leverage these tools to create highly detailed and immersive 3D models of construction projects. Unlike traditional blueprints and 2D drawings, VR and AR enable stakeholders to experience a project in a simulated real-world environment. This immersive experience helps identify design flaws and inconsistencies early in the planning phase, reducing costly errors and rework.”

Augmented reality allows project managers to overlay digital information onto physical spaces, unlocking new workflows, efficiencies, and design possibilities. During site visits, managers can use AR headsets to visualize the placement of structural elements, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, and other critical components in real-time. This capability ensures the work is aligned with the design specifications, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

In April 2023, HU announced a new partnership with VictoryXR, a leader in virtual reality and content generation. The addition of this technology will significantly expand HU’s content and the ability to reach students in rural areas of this country and around the world.

Additionally, as Harrisburg University expands its health sciences initiatives, VR and AR will be a key differentiator in academic and research programs and how they are delivered. One of the first programs to integrate this technology into the experience is the Exercise Science PTA Program, which allows physical therapist assistants to continue to work as they earn a degree in exercise science, mainly in a remote environment.

Soon, professors will have greater flexibility to showcase and deliver coursework remotely, and learners will be able to gain more hands-on time and clinical skills practice. HU will look to expand AR and VR further to bring more cutting-edge, immersive learning opportunities to all levels of the university, including programs offered to high-school students and the healthcare community in central PA.

Professor Mowery concludes:

“For project managers, these technologies provide invaluable benefits, from improved design accuracy and streamlined processes to cost savings and enhanced safety measures. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the adoption of immersive technologies will be integral to driving innovation and achieving project success.”

No matter what kind of project needs managing, soon there will be an XR tool that makes it easier than ever to stay organized. HU is thrilled to have voices like Professor Mowery’s leading the charge to democratize powerful new technologies to help us do better, faster, safer, and more impactful work.


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