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Digital Transformation

Enabling & Empowering Government

Digital Transformation – Enabling and Empowering Government
Shaaz Nasir, Digital Transformation Executive, Microsoft

This session provides latest digital transformation trends cross industry, disruptive technologies, applicability and potential for government agencies that delivers improve quality and pace of citizen centric services, accessibility, streamline and simplify records, improve employee productivity, enable intelligent decision making, improve cross agency information sharing, IT services efficacy and cash flow. This session also provides best practices the IT stakeholders can leverage value driven communication, ask the right outcome-based questions at every step of your Digital Transformation Journey to ensure mind change of decision makers.


Cliff Shier
, Principal, Unisys

Governance is akin to Transformational Leadership – where optimal outcomes are shaped through strategically impactful decisions about overarching issues. In this engaging and insightful session we will consider how Governance and Management are different and the crucial nature of Governance in achieving sustainable Digital Transformation.

Citizen Journey Mapping

Citizen Journey Mapping and the Road to Strategic Planning and Business Process Improvement
Steven Young
, Senior Vice President, Mathtech, Inc.
Frank Nestore
, Director, Mathtech, Inc.

Journey Mapping comes in different forms and a variety of tools can be used to create them but there are common elements which the presentation will introduce such as: Personas, Timelines, Touchpoints, Devices, and Emotions. The presentation will cover best practices for Journey Mapping including the planning, creation, and use of Journey Maps. The presentation will also describe how Journey Maps are used to support strategic planning and business process improvement. The presentation will describe strategic planning exercises that can leverage journey mapping concepts to create strategic plans that better represent multiple stakeholders throughout the process resulting in plans to modernize and transform that are as comprehensive and stakeholder focused as possible.

Application Development & Operations

Computing is Changing

Computing is Changing, Are You?
Christopher Reed
, EUC Technical Strategist, VMwawre

There is a fundamental shift in computing. It is as drastic as the transition from Mainframes to Client/Server Computing. Learn how to bridge the gap and move into the future.

Application Architecture

Decluttering Your Application Architecture, One Container at a Time
David Sisk
, Managing Director, Deloitte

With so much information, some of it conflicting, this presentation will try to focus on the key elements of container architectures and how they can help CoPa simplify both new architectures as well as assist in modernizing existing ones. The presentation will keep the jargon to a minimum and provide several tangible examples of their use in large scale enterprises that are not Netflix or Google.

Emergency Preparedness (Keynote)

Emergency Preparedness
Angelo “Tony” Riddick
, Director, Bureau of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, United States Virgin Islands

Keynote Speech

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