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Artificial Intelligence​ & Machine Learning

Robotic & Intelligent Automation (Keynote)

Analytics Enablement through Robotic & Intelligent Automation (R&IA)
Christopher Rose, Principal, Deloitte

Robotic and Intelligent Automation brings together Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Chat, and Analytic Capabilities into a comprehensive solution, shifting the human workforce away from transactional, administrative activities to high-value, mission driven work. As a result, operational efficiency and customer experiences improve while costs decrease.

Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World

Artificial Intelligence in Today’s World
Jennifer Robinson, Director of Local Government Sales, SAS

Artificial Intelligence can help organizations boost productivity and unlock new possibilities. Using machine learning and deep learning techniques, AI helps find insights hidden in data without explicitly being told where to look or what to conclude.

Natural Language Processing

Leveraging Natural Language Processing to Improve Efficiency and Outcomes
Rafi Lav, Specialist Master, Deloitte

Correspondence is time-intensive. Clients face challenges with information access and inconsistent communication which traces back to a truth – it takes an exhausting amount of time to locate, read, and understand the information needed from a mountain of scattered documents and data.

Understanding Buzz Words

Does Your Machine Learn?
Dr. Billie Anderson, Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are very ‘hot’ buzzwords in analytics right now. Learn the meaning of each of these terms and the differences between them.

Smart Health

AI and Machine Learning-Based Smart Health
Vijay Narula, President & CEO, OST, Inc.
Brian Cole
, Vice President, OST, Inc.

Today’s healthcare management is driven by new and emerging technologies. More specifically what we call “Smart Health” is driven by AI and Machine Learning including Deep Machine Learning.

Data Visualization

Got Data? Visualize It!

Got Data? Visualize It!
Dr. Billie Anderson
, Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Data visualization is the practice of displaying data in a format that is easy for others to consume. Data visualization is far more than creating a bar chart or histogram.


Graphs as Explanatory Records of Complex Real-World Activity
Joseph Mosby, Specialist Master, Deloitte
Eric Dull
, Specialist Leader, Deloitte

Graph data structures serve as models of real-world activity, such as cyber attacks, money-laundering crimes, social interactions, and more. By formalizing records into a graph analytic paradigm, professionals can blend complex events from disparate data sources into a holistic portrait of activity across an organization.

Data Visualizations

Making the Most of Your Data Visualizations
Dr. Billie Anderson, Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Do you want your data visualizations to be remembered by your audience? Learn some basic tips and tricks for making your visualizations more effective and memorable.

Software Tools

Power BI

Mark Quickel  | Technical Practice Manager, Sharepoint and Azure | Planet Technologies

Understand how to visualize your data in a rich and compelling way through a series of presentations and demonstrations.

Too Much Data and Too Many Software Tools?

Dr. Billie Anderson, Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

Like many organizations, you may have all different types of data and not sure what type of software tool can be appropriately applied to the data. This session will provide you with a categorization of how different types of software can be matched to analytical problems.


Smarter Insights & Outcomes

Smarter Insights and Stronger Outcomes Powered by Data Analytics
Sean Conlin
, Deloitte

Achieving your business outcomes, whether small-scale program or an enterprise-wide initiative, demands smarter insights – delivered faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Using Data to Create the Workforce of Tomorrow

Creating the Workforce of Tomorrow: Are You Bold Enough to Use the Data & Take the Lead?
Geoff Rothermel
, Managing Director, Deloitte

The pace of change in today’s world is mind-blowing. Record advances in technologies and employment types mean standard job profiles risk obsoletion soon. Who is responsible for defining the jobs of tomorrow and preparing the workforce for success?

What’s Your Data Strategy?

Dr. Billie Anderson, Professor of Analytics, Harrisburg University of Science & Technology

The ability of an organization to manage its data is crucial to survival in 2019 and years to come. Learn some strategies for implementing data governance in your organization.

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