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Harrisburg University Latin America – Panama

Inspiring students to leverage their potential through a Harrisburg University education to improve their communities.

Data is Power. How You Use It Brings Even More Power.

Today, data drives decisions in every field. Gathering data, sorting and analyzing it allows organizations to chart their course forward, serve clients better and grow. Data analysts are forging new relationships in virtually every discipline: business, healthcare, geology, mathematics and statistics, biology, chemistry, computer science, information systems and technology, engineering, psychology, behavioral science, operations research, and more. Collecting and analyzing data is vital to solving the world’s most vexing challenges.

Those who hold a master’s or Ph.D. degree in Data Science or Analytics are in great demand in highly collaborative data-driven organizations. Graduates direct data operations, manage processes, and provide the information corporations need to set strategy for the future. An advanced degree gives you a real career advantage in this high-demand, well-paying field.


What Can You Do With a Graduate Degree in Analytics or Data Science?

A world of career opportunities opens when you have a master’s or Ph.D. in Analytics or Data Science. You can hold positions as a digital marketing manager, management analyst, data architect, information systems manager or data operations manager. Perhaps you’d prefer to work for yourself as an independent data analytics consultant helping a number of diverse clients for short periods. Higher salaries, greater professional respect and influence come when you add a master’s degree or Ph.D. in Analytics or Data Science to your resume.

Personalize Your HU Graduate Program



The Masters in Analytics is a 36 semester-hour program. You’ll complete 15 semester hours of core courses and 15 semester hours of courses in areas you choose!  This personalized approach allows you to pick courses relevant to your career goals.


Data Sciences

Those pursuing a doctoral degree in Data Science will also complete a 36 semester-hour program over two years culminating in a doctoral  dissertation. Research is at the heart of a doctoral program in Data Science. You will receive expert council on your research project constantly via your mentor as well as during your once a month gatherings in Panama.


Project Management

This 36 semester hour graduate program in Project Management provides each student with a focused, applied and rigorous experience in creating, implementing and assessing projects.

Scholarships for Master’s Students

Students pursuing the M.S. in Analytics full-time (enrolling in six credits) are automatically receiving a $1500 a semester scholarship. This reduces your tuition and fees by nearly 30 percent a semester while you are enrolled.

Getting a scholarship is easy

When you apply online at,  you are automatically signed up to receive that scholarship.  Only the students at the Panama location get this savings!

Plus, up to 10 students will be considered for 50 percent off the total tuition. That scholarship is based on your resume and previous academic achievements.  All student applications are reviewed for that scholarship, too.

Take the next step

Apply today for the Panama location at  If you have questions, please email

Harrisburg University Brings Its #1 Ranked Analytics Program to Panama

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology ranks #1 for its excellent and affordable Analytics master’s program. The university is home to more than 6,000 international students representing 110 countries.

Now, the university is making its fully accredited program available in Latin America. Harrisburg’s Executive Hybrid Format Graduate Program meets one Saturday a month during the semester at our Panama location in the City of Knowledge. You’ll also attend one online class per week to earn your degree in two years and be ready to take the next step in your career. You don’t need a background in Data Science to enter the program. Whether you want to change careers or advance in your current one, these graduate programs give you the knowledge you need to move forward. As with all HU masters and Ph.D. courses, you’ll be taught by internationally recognized professors with both strong academic credentials and invaluable real world experience. Professors will advise and support you as you undertake the advanced research projects.

Why a Hybrid In-Person/Online Program?

Flexible graduate program

Time is especially precious for adults with jobs and families. You want a graduate program that is flexible enough that you don’t need to change your life, job or residence, but still provides the full, rich experience that is a big part of higher education.

Executive hybrid graduate program

Harrisburg University’s executive hybrid graduate program in Panama is the perfect solution. By attending class once a month at the City of Knowledge, you gain the rich networking opportunities and one-on-one attention that bolster your studies. Then, by taking an online course during the week, you move your degree program forward at a pace so that you can complete your masters of Ph.D. within two years.


Stay in Latin America

One of the best aspects of the Harrisburg graduate programs in Panama is that you don’t have to come to the United States, yet you’ll earn a fully accredited U.S. graduate degree. Entering another country can be a hassle and time consuming. Since the Harrisburg Graduate Program in Panama only meets one Saturday a month on-site in Panama’s City of Knowledge, you can easily fit the program into your life.

More Location Information

Expand Your Professional Connections

Through the Harrisburg graduate program in Panama, you’ll make a wide range of professional contacts. These are connections that could become true assets to your future. You’ll study alongside entrepreneurs, scientists, community leaders, as well as experts from government, NGOs, and international organizations. By building your professional network during your degree program, you create a valuable resource you can call upon throughout your career.

A Graduate Program With Big Rewards at an Affordable Tuition

Harrisburg University hasn’t raised tuition in seven years. That’s one reason our Analytics master’s program is so highly regarded by the rating organizations: we’re ranked #1 for academics and affordability. You get an excellent return on your investment too. The program equips you to successfully hold managerial positions in the high-demand field of Data Science. If you want to make a career change or if you’re already in the field and want to advance, the HU graduate programs in Panama are just what you’re looking for.


Current State of Graduate Education in Latin America

There is a significant shortage of employees who hold a Data Science or Analytics masters or Ph.D. in Latin America. In Brazil, there’s just one Ph.D. holder for every 70,000 people and in Chile it’s even worse with one for every 140,000 people. Colombia has one Ph.D. for every 700,000 people. Compare that to the average in other countries of one Ph.D. for every 5,000 citizens. Typically, the limited graduate programs available in Latin American are small and staffed by teachers who themselves don’t hold a Ph.D. or often even a master’s degree. Research opportunities are minimal, if they exist at all. Clearly, there’s room for a robust graduate program in Latin America. *

* Scott Tiffin and Martin Kunc, “The Ph.D. Imperative in Latin America”,

Panama Letters


With the experience of Harrisburg University teachers and advisers, our professional development team provides education, training, resources and networks for professionals (who work for the state or organizations related to it) in order to explore and collaborate on profitable and successful technological solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes in person? Están haciendo clases presenciales?

Classes will be delivered in a hybrid format (online and on campus classes)
For more information on our programs please visit:

Las clases se impartirán en un formato híbrido (en línea y en el campus) Para obtener más información sobre nuestros programas, visite:

What are the different types of graduate degrees? ¿Cuáles son los diferentes tipos de títulos de posgrado?

Initially, HULATAM will offer a Master of Science in Analytics degree, which will be delivered in a hybrid format (online and on campus classes) taught by instructors from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in the United States. The HU Panama location will also offer cutting edge professional development seminars and courses. For more information on our programs please visit:

Inicialmente, HULATAM ofrecerá una Maestría en Ciencias de Análisis, que se entregará en un formato híbrido (clases en línea y en el campus) impartido por instructores de la Universidad de Ciencia y Tecnología de Harrisburg de los Estados Unidos. La ubicación de HU Panamá también ofrecerá seminarios y cursos de desarrollo profesional de vanguardia. Para obtener más información sobre nuestros programas, visite:

How much does tuition cost? ¿Cuánto cuesta la matrícula?

Tuition payment or satisfactory arrangement to pay tuition is due generally one week prior to the beginning of the semester. A graduate student is charged the semester hour rate multiplied by the number of semester hours enrolled. The semester hour rate is $800.00. A program fee is also charged and the rate is $500.00 per semester. Finally, a non-refundable tuition deposit must be paid in advance of course registration for the initial semester of attendance.

El pago de la matrícula generalmente se debe realizar una semana antes del comienzo del semestre. A un estudiante de posgrado/maestría se le cobra la tarifa por hora semestral multiplicada por la cantidad de horas semestrales inscritas. La tarifa es $800.00 por hora semestral. También se cobra una tarifa de programa por semestre que tiene un costo de $500.00. Por ultimo, se debe pagar también un depósito de matrícula no reembolsable antes de la inscripción al curso para el semestre inicial de asistencia.

What are the COVID-19 precautions? ¿Cuáles son las precauciones de COVID-19?

We will follow the lead of Panama and the City of Knowledge.

Seguiremos las normas establecidas por el gobierno de Panamá y Ciudad del Saber.


How do I apply to the workplace? ¿Cómo puedo aplicar mi especialización al lugar de trabajo?

Employment opportunities will be shared when they are available here

Las oportunidades de empleo se compartirán aquí cuando estén disponibles

Recreational activities for students in the area? ¿Qué pueden hacer los estudiantes por diversión en el área?

Panama’s small geographic area packs in a diverse range of landscapes, interesting towns and cities, and a myriad of vacation possibilities. Beautiful beaches and islands can be found along both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and the mountainous interior is home to coffee plantations, small towns, waterfalls, wildlife, and some wonderful hiking trails. In Panama City, you’ll find a modern metropolis with shopping, dining, and an assortment of attractions and things to do, including the country’s most famous site, the Panama Canal. Most first-time visitors head to Casco Viejo, the Old Town, to soak up the atmosphere and see a little of the city’s history. Master’s students will be on campus one Saturday per month. Recreational activities in the City of Knowledge are found here

La pequeña área geográfica de Panamá incluye una amplia gama de paisajes, pueblos y ciudades interesantes y una miríada de posibilidades de vacaciones. Se pueden encontrar hermosas playas e islas a lo largo de las costas del Pacífico y el Caribe, y el interior montañoso alberga plantaciones de café, pueblos pequeños, cascadas, vida silvestre y algunas rutas de senderismo maravillosas. En la ciudad de Panamá, encontrará una metrópolis moderna con tiendas, restaurantes y una variedad de atracciones y cosas para hacer, incluido el sitio más famoso del país, el Canal de Panamá. Los lugares más turísticos del área son el Casco Viejo, y el casco antiguo, para empaparse del ambiente y ver un poco de la historia de la ciudad. Los estudiantes de maestría estarán en el campus un sábado al mes. Para mas información sobre las actividades recreativas en Ciudad del Saber presione aquí

How long are the degree programs/credits? ¿Cuánto duran los programas de grado / cuántos créditos?

The Master’s in Analytics program requires a total of 36 semester hours (credits): 15 semester hours from the core courses, 6 semester hours of experiential courses, and 15 semester hours of Concentration courses.

El Master’s in Analytics requiere un total de 36 horas semestrales (créditos): 15 horas semestrales de los cursos básicos, 6 horas semestrales de cursos experimentales y 15 horas semestrales de cursos de concentración.

What is the grading system? ¿Cúal es el sistema de calificación?

We use GPA (grade point average) as aour grading system on a 4.0 scale. We require a minimum master’s degree GPA of 3.30.

El sistema de calificación que utilizamos es el GPA (por sus siglas en ingles, que significa promedio de calificaciones) en una escala de 4.0. Se requiere un GPA mínimo de 3.30 para la maestría.

Do you accept transfer students? Aceptan estudiantes transferidos?

Students can transfer in up to six credits at the graduate level. Further information on that topic is found at the course catalog.

Los estudiantes pueden transferir hasta seis créditos a nivel de posgrado. Encontrará más información sobre ese tema en el catálogo de cursos.

Do you accept foreign/international students for online classes? Aceptan estudiantes extranjeros para clases online?

The Master’s in Analytics follows our Executive Format, which is a hybrid course consisting of three (3) weekend in-class sessions and online course work. Full time enrollment at Harrisburg University is equivalent to six (6) semester hours.

El Máster en Analítica sigue el Formato Ejecutivo, que es un curso híbrido que consta de tres (3) sesiones presenciales de fin de semana y clases en línea. La inscripción a tiempo completo en la Universidad de Harrisburg equivale a seis (6) horas semestrales.

What are the requirements for foreign – international students? ¿Cuáles son los requisitos para estudiantes extranjeros/internacionales?

All students need to have finished a bachelor’s degree to be accepted to a master’s program. Since the classes are taught in English, a language score of 80 or higher on the TOEFL exam or a 6.0 on the IELTS is required. Students must have transcripts, and complete a short essay. A GRE or GMAT is not required. All students must have a passport valid for minimum of three months.

Todos los estudiantes deben haber terminado una licenciatura para ser aceptados en un programa de maestría. Dado que las clases se imparten en inglés, se requiere una puntuación de 80 o más en el examen TOEFL o un 6,0 en el IELTS. Los estudiantes deben tener expedientes académicos y completar un ensayo corto. No se requiere un GRE o GMAT. Todos los estudiantes deben tener un pasaporte válido por un mínimo de tres meses.

For whom is this university created? Para quienes está creada está universidad?

The Panama location was created by Harrisburg University to offer students in the region the opportunity to pursue a career-focused STEM degree in Analytics or Data Science. Harrisburg University is a private non-profit accredited University located in the United States.

La ubicación de Panamá fue creada por la Universidad de Harrisburg para ofrecer a los estudiantes de la región la oportunidad de obtener un título STEM enfocado en el análisis de datos o ciencia de datos. Harrisburg University es una universidad privada acreditada sin fines de lucro ubicada en los Estados Unidos.

Where is the school located? ¿Dónde está ubicada la escuela?

We are located in City of Knowledge, Panama.

Estamos ubicado en Ciudad del Saber, Panamá.

326 Market St, Harrisburg, PA 17101
P: (717) 901-5100 Contact Us