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Date: 2/29/2024
Time: All Day

What is GeoDev? Are you getting the most out of your geospatial data?  Do you need to build map-driven apps and solutions?  Spatial data analysis, statistics, and visualization are data science specialties where geospatial development (GeoDev) optimizes the use of data.  Did you know an estimated 80% of all data has a spatial component?  If your organization uses spatial data or could use it in the future, see examples from industry professionals showcasing the scripts and applications that are generating value from spatial data.  Both application developers and data-heads alike will benefit from hands on demonstrations and examples of the power of GeoDev.  Consider attending the GeoDev Summit at Harrisburg University!

About the GeoDev Summit: If you want to expand your data analysis tool kit and create interactive mapping visualizations, then this summit is for you. The GeoDev Summit is a one-day professional development opportunity providing attendees technical workshops and presentations led by industry professionals to take your data analysis and visualization game to the next level. Let’s get spatial!