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Students will receive an email with the visa application upon acceptance and deposit to Harrisburg University.

Student visa requirements

  1. Completed Student Visa Application Form
  2. Signed and accepted offer/admission letter.
  3. Deposit fee and visa fee remittance receipt.
  4. Scanned coloured passport copy – passport should have validity of 6 months when applying for a Student Visa.
  5. Scanned coloured passport size photograph with white background’ required specification found at:
  6. (JPEG format, with white background)- Please note that due to the new ICA requirements, you will have to visit a photo studio to take a new picture (high-resolution photograph -white background) for your student visa & Emirates ID application and please obtain a soft copy of the picture from the studio and send us the soft copy of the same photo through email. (Other photos are strictly not accepted)
  7. Cancellation paper or Tourist visa copy (if student is inside UAE)

Fees Structure

If based outside of UAE when applying

ProcessAmountVATAmount + VAT
Processing of new student visa if based outside of UAE when applying$896.00$44.80$940.80
Caution Visa Deposit/Visa maintenance charges$683.00$683.00
Medical Insurance (if not arranged by own)$511.00$25.55$536.55
Total (USD)$2,160.35

If based within the UAE when applying

ProcessAmountVATAmount + VAT
Processing of new visa if based within the UAE when applying *(Visa Change Status)$1,342.00$67.10$1,409.10
Caution Visa Deposit/Visa maintenance charges$683$683.00
Medical Insurance (if not arranged by own)$511.00$25.55$536.55
Total (USD)$2,628.65

Student Visa Cost

1 year visa (Outside UAE): 7,720.87 AED

1 year visa (Inside UAE): 9,350.87 AED

The visa fees are inclusive of the below charges:

Visa charges are set by Dubai Development Authority (DDA) and may be subject to change.

Time allotment for Visa process

SI NOProcessTime Frame
1Receiving of Student Entry Permit5 – 7 working days
2Arrival Intimation (if outside) / Change Status (if inside) & Medical
2-3 Working days
3Visa Stamping or E-Residency visa (after medical)3 to 5 working days
4Emirates ID Fingerprint process intimation (after medical)3 to 5 working days
5Emirates ID Fingerprint process AppointmentDepends on ICP
6Medical InsuranceNA
Processing duration: VIP/Express (15 to 20 working days)

Please note this time limit is only an approximate in no way guarantee this time frame nor are we able to expedite the government process.

Detailed below is the step-by-step guide on the Visa process and emirates ID formalities which must be
completed after your arrival to UAE and will be arranged by HU Visa office.

  1. Entry Permit
  2. Arrival Intimation.
  3. Medical Test
  4. Official Visa stamping or E Residency Visa with Emirates ID intimation.
  5. Emirates ID Biometric Appointment and ID card delivery
  6. Medical Insurance

Before travelling, it is advisable to check for any updated travel protocols that need to be followed before your arrival to the United Arab Emirates, please ensure you arrive in plenty of time and have all necessary travel documents with you.

1) Stamping your entry permit (If student is outside):

When arriving at Dubai airport, you will be required to present the entry permit to the Dubai Airport Immigration Authorities who will stamp/seal your passport and Entry visa to confirm entry. We would advise printing a copy of the student entry permit before arriving at the airport for your own ease. Please note that this entry permit has a validity of 2 months. We recommend arriving in Dubai on or before the valid date as you will be subject to pay an additional fee to extend this date of entry.

2) Arrival Intimation / Change Status:

Within 3 days of arrival to Dubai, please visit the HU Visa Office, you will need to bring your original passport and Entry Stamped visa.

If a student is inside the country with cancelled visa or Tourist visa, university will process the change status for moving their residency visa sponsorship file to university sponsorship.

3) Medical test:

After arrival or change status, the UAE Government requires students to undergo medical test and it will be arranged by the HU Visa office. The medical testing It include a blood test and chest x-ray to ensure medical fitness. In the unlikely event that you are medically unfit, the University will be notified, and arrangements will be made to return you immediately to your country of origin. The testing is conducted externally through Federal Agencies, we will provide details of your appointment via your student email address.

4) Official Visa stamping or E residency:

Following the medical test, you application will go for Emirates ID biometric intimation and Visa stamping process in immigration department. Please note that as per the recent immigration rule visa stamping on passport has been completed stopped and only E residency visa is issued.

5) Emirates ID Biometric Appointment and ID Card delivery:

Emirates ID card – this is a mandatory identity card for all residences living in the UAE (Subject to immigration approvals). The Emirates ID card appointment is subject to availability in the ICP immigration system, as this is an external federal agency, we are unable to guarantee the
timeframes for receiving the appointment date. Once the fingerprint process is completed, student Emirates ID will be delivered to university via courier and notified to students for collection.

6) University health insurance:

It will be organized at the end of the Emirates ID registration process; you can opt to select medical insurance from the University which is with an external insurance provider and has gone through and extensive procurement process to ensure its competitive edge in the market value or
alternatively you can obtain your own insurance form the market.

As you will note, the time frames from arriving to Dubai to receiving your emirates ID card can be lengthy and beyond our control, therefore it is recommended you purchase your own travel health insurance for a maximum period of 3 months to ensure your personal health and safety during the processing times.

Important Visa Notes

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