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 Michael  Eck

Michael Eck Instructor of Mathematics & Computer Science

Corporate Faculty Mike Eck teaches mathematics at the Philadelphia location.

A proven professional with extensive and in-depth experience in development and management services for the computer industry and teaching profession. Strengths include leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of systems integration. Recognized as an effective communicator at all levels.

Full Stack Backend Development in Python.
Python3, Java, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, IDE’s Codio, Anaconda, Sublime, OOP, POP, Multithreading, data communications, SQL, SQLite, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, OmniDB, NoSQL, SQL Alchemy, Micro Frameworks, Jinja, Flask, Vagrant, Security, Data migration, Virtual Environments, UML, Project Management, Agile, API, AWS, Google Cloud, Web Servers, WordPress, Docker, Installs on Mac, PC, Unix, and Cloud based environments. 

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