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 Michael  Eck

Michael Eck Lecturer Computer Science

Michael Eck is a full time faculty at Harrisburg University and has over 25 years of experience as an instructor in math, computer science, and information science. His resume highlights his teaching roles at various colleges and universities including Harrisburg University, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and Drexel University. Eck has taught a wide range of technical and math courses including programming languages like Python, Java, C++, web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, database topics like SQL and NoSQL, math courses like algebra, geometry, calculus, and statistics, and other computer science fundamentals.

Eck’s background in artificial intelligence, computer science, and math make him well-suited to explore some interesting research topics at the intersection of technology and mathematics. Three areas he is interested in studying further are the geometry of the brain, the organizational pattern of three, and the use of psychoacoustics for encryption and passwords.

Examining the geometric structure and topological mapping of brain networks could provide insight into how the brain processes information and cognition. Mathematical principles like symmetry, vectors, dimensionality, and more may reveal organizational patterns. Studying concepts grouped in threes or following a ternary structure could uncover fundamental patterns in how ideas and systems are structured. And using properties of sound perception to generate secure cryptographic keys or memorable but complex passwords leverages the ability of the human auditory system to recognize complex sound combinations. Eck’s mathematical knowledge and programming expertise could lead to advancements in these fascinating areas of research.