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 Matthew  Korn, MBA, MSBA

Matthew Korn, MBA, MSBA Corporate Faculty (ANMS)

Constantly on mission to push my own boundaries and expand the value add I offer to any firm. My current interest are primarily focused on the increasing growth of new and improved technologies in surrounding the ‘Big Data” space. Such programming languages as SQL, python and R have been on the forefront of my learning as well as SQL databases and servers. Cloud data storage and improved analysis through machine learning techniques are pivotal in the competitive market for many industries today.

My career has taken me through fraud analytics, public accountancy, corporate accounting, to a VP of Finance position at a technology firm, Presidio. It was at this firm that my interest in programming and big data was realized as i continued to teach myself the advanced skills in Excel, VBA Basic and SQL. My continued use and develop of such skills continues today under the umbrella of Presidio where i have thrived in advancing both these skills and leadership skills.

My management style is based on the principles of situational leadership, flexing my style to ensure that it is ‘task relevant’. My focus is driving my team to have work done efficiently both in relation to time and quality of information. Improving processes to increase quality and reduce the time it takes to generate various required reports is a skill i use constantly.

Specialties: Brainstorming/Idea Generation, Predictive Analytics, Financial strategy and reporting analysis, process development and improvement. Ability to learn quickly and effectively.

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