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 Louisa  Eyler

Louisa Eyler Corporate Faculty (Gen Ed)

Louisa Eyler is a humanitarian with a diverse background in entrepreneurship and undergraduate degrees in psychology and sociology. Louisa holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and professional licensure as a healthcare provider with 15 years of experience in physical and behavioral health. Eyler served as an Andean Rural Health Committee volunteer in Bolivia, South America and speaks fluent Spanish. She received a STAR Award from Highmark Heath, a Healthcare Heroes Award from Central Penn Business Journal, and earned a Gold Key in Scholastic Writing. Eyler is an ecommerce expert and co-founder of Positive Distribution and has been named in Fast Company Magazine with Jeff Bezos as a Top 100 Amazon Retailer and in Inc Magazine for interesting ways co-founders met.

Louisa has spent the past decade studying weight-loss, obesity management, and self-care as a priority. Her TEDx talk – The Power of Physical Transformation – addresses the controversial issue of fat shaming within the context of self-betrayal and vulnerability. Louisa has appeared on Bravo TV Love Calling, Operation Osmin on Nuvo TV, as a panel expert on the Dr. Phil Show, and has been a four-time featured guest on The Steve Harvey Show. Eyler is currently in pre-production of a ground-breaking new docu-series on physical transformation.

Louisa lives in the Capitol District of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her son, Rodney, attends a vocational training program in Johnstown, PA.

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