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Dubai is well connected internationally. It is less than a 3-hour flight from nearby MENA region countries and is convenient for students to take low-cost flights for Saturday sessions. Plus, there are students from all over the world coming to pursue further education in Dubai. With a diverse culture, the city offers a high quality of life. When you are not in class, there are a lot of activities to immerse in.

Live, learn and thrive in the heart of a world-leading global knowledge economy.

Earn your Master’s degree from Harrisburg University at our beautiful Dubai campus, delivered in a convenient blended format with integral practicum which includes a mandatory on-location sessions 3 Saturdays per semester.  The rest of the time, you’ll interact with professors and classmates online. You’ll also participate in a practicum experience which allows you to apply what you’re learning in the classroom to real-world, professional training.

HU Dubai offers the following programs with specializations:

  • M.S. Analytics  [Brochure]
  • M.S. Computer Information Science [Brochure]
    • Cybersecurity
    • Scientific Computing Specialization
    • Software Engineering and Software Testing Specialization
  • M.S. Information Systems Engineering & Management  [Brochure]
  • M.S. Project Management  [Brochure]
    • Agile Lean Specialization
    • Biotechnology Specialization
    • Cybersecurity Operations and Control Management
    • Healthcare Informatics
    • Human-Centered Interaction Design


  • Classes on campus in Dubai 3 Saturdays per semester (required)
  • Weekly online classes

Master’s degrees are two-year programs

HU is approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to operate in Dubai.

HU is also accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States.

Master’s Programs

Dubai Programs

Tuition and Fees

For master’s students attending classes in Dubai

Total tuition cost32,880 USDDiscounted 50% from 65,760 USD
Semester cost5,480 USDAfter a 50% discount; includes the 500 USD program fee
Administrative fee500 USDOne-time payment
Student visa fee for 1 year969.98 USD
1,427.43 USD
Applying outside of the UAE; includes VAT
Applying within the UAE; includes VAT
Visa maintenance683 USDOne-time payment which the University may use to meet visa-related expenses
Medical insurance281.73 USDCoverage is provided by ADNIC; includes VAT

Payments for tuition and HU administrative fees are made through your applicant status page or visit  Questions about the visa process or tuition should be directed to


  1. A candidate applies via the HU application.
  2. The candidate receives an email to create their applicant account after submitting the application.
  3. The candidate receives an acceptance letter.
  4. The candidate must accept or decline their offer of admission on their status page.
  5. The accepted student makes the following payments from their applicant status page:
    • 1,000 USD deposit (confirms intent to enroll)
    • Visa application fee (depending on location)
    • Visa maintenance fee
    • Medical insurance fee (or opt-out disclosure). Note: medical insurance is mandatory for the student visa process.
  6. After the student pays their enrollment deposit, they will receive their HU credentials within 48 business hours.
  7. The student will be required to log into myHU to activate their account.
  8. Student registers for the upcoming semester during add/drop.
  9. The student submits the Visa Application Form which is available on their applicant status page as well as the following items as part of the Form:
    • Clear passport copy in color (with at least 6 months validity)
    • Digital passport-size photograph in color with a white background
    • Copy of current visa or cancellation paper (if the student is inside the UAE)
  10. The accepted student receives an entry permit from HU Dubai (if located outside the UAE).
  11. The student provides the entry stamp page of the passport to HU Dubai within 3 days of arrival (if located outside the UAE).
  12. The student receives a medical examination appointment from the HU Dubai Visa Office.
  13. The student receives a biometrics appointment from the HU Dubai Visa Office after attending the medical examination.
  14. The HU Dubai Visa Office collects the student’s Emirates ID and issues it to the student.
  15. The student visa is issued for the duration of 1 year.


Medical insurance is mandatory for the visa process and is therefore required for all students studying in Dubai. The purpose of medical insurance is to provide coverage for most expenses incurred by students in a wide network of hospitals and clinics inside UAE.

Harrisburg University Dubai has partnered with AXS and ADNIC to provide students under University visa sponsorship with access to a comprehensive and competitively priced medical insurance plan. The University aims to make it easier for prospective and incoming students to access medical insurance in Dubai. Harrisburg University Dubai itself does not provide medical insurance coverage. Coverage is provided by ADNIC. Should you opt to purchase this insurance, your contract of insurance will be with ADNIC.

See participating providers within ADNIC Blue Network here:

Students are free to arrange their own medical insurance should they wish. Note that the level of coverage will need to compliant with Dubai law. Students will also be required to submit proof of coverage to the University.

Area of cover Emirates of Dubai and Northern Emirates Emergency extension to UAE
Yearly Maximum per insured member AED 150,000
Eligibility of Cover
  • Students under the Sponsorship of TECOM & SUBSIDIARIES.
  • Up to Age 35
Network ADNIC Blue Network
Level of cover / reimbursement No Benefit outside the applicable network except for emergencies within United Arab Emirates

In-patient and Day care Treatment
In-patient and Day care treatment 20% coinsurance payable by the insured with a cap of AED 500 payable per encounter; and an annual aggregate cap of AED 1,000.

Above these caps the insurer will cover 100% of the treatment.

  • Tests, diagnosis, treatments and surgeries in hospitals for non-urgent medical cases (Prior approval required from the insurance company).
  • Emergency treatment – Approval required from the insurance company within 24 hours of admission to the authorized hospital.
  • Ground transportation services in the UAE provided by an authorized party for medical emergencies.
Daily Room and Board In-patient services will be received in rooms of two or more beds. Prior approval required from the insurance company.
Parent accommodation The cost of accommodating a person accompanying an insured child up to the age of 16 years is covered under Covered under the below

Companion Accommodation’ benefit.

Companion accommodation of a person accompanying an insured member in cases of medical necessity. The cost of accommodation of a person accompanying an in-patient in the same room in cases of medical necessity at the recommendation of the treating doctor and after the prior approval of the insurance company providing coverage.

Maximum AED 100 per night.

Out-patient Treatment
Deductible/coinsurance on Consultations Examination, diagnostic and treatment services by authorized general practitioners, specialists and consultants – 20% coinsurance from the insured member per visit.

No coinsurance if a follow-up visit made within seven days.

Diagnostics (x-ray, MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound,etc), Laboratory
  • Laboratory test services carried out in the authorized facility assigned to treat the insured person – 20% coinsurance from the insured member.
  • Radiology diagnostic services carried out in the authorized facility assigned to treat the insured person – 20% coinsurance from the insured member. In cases of non- medical emergencies, the insurance company’s prior approval is required for MRI, CT scans and endoscopies.
Prescribed Drugs Cost of drugs and medicines up to an annual limit of AED 1,500 (including coinsurance) –

30% from the insured member in respect of each and every prescription.

No cover for drugs and medicines in excess of the annual limit.

Physiotherapy (Prior approval of the insurance company is required). Covered up to maximum 6 sessions per year – 20% coinsurance from the insured member per session.
Other Benefits:
Pre-existing and Chronic conditions Treatment for chronic and pre-existing conditions excluded for first 6 months of first scheme membership. Waiting period not applicable where there is proof of continuous uninterrupted insurance coverage for more than 6 months.
Ambulance Ground transportation services in the UAE provided by an authorized party for medical emergencies
Vaccinations & Immunizations Covered – Essential vaccinations and inoculations for newborns and children up to age 6 years as stipulated in the DHA’s policies and its updates (currently the same as Federal MOH).
Diabetes Screening – Every 3 years from age of 30. High risk individual annually from age of 18. Covered
Adult Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (For Dubai Visa Holders Only) As per DHA Adult Pneumococcal Vaccination guidelines
Hepatitis C Virus Screening and treatment (For Dubai Visa Holders Only) Covered as per the guidelines laid out in the DHA’s Hepatitis C support program
DHA’s BASMAH Cancer Screening and treatment for Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer (For LSB Dubai Visa Holders Only) Covered as per the guidelines laid out in the DHA’s BASMAH Cancer support program
Hearing, vision aids, vision correction by surgeries and laser in case of medical emergencies only Covered – 20% coinsurance from the insured member
Diagnostic and treatment services for dental and gum treatments in case of medical emergencies only Covered – 20% coinsurance from the insured member
Additional Benefit Extensions
Pregnancy and Childbirth Out-patient ante-natal services
10% coinsurance from the Insured member8 visits to PHC;All care provided by PHC obstetrician for low risk or specialist obstetrician for high risk referrals. Initial investigations to include:

  • FBC and Platelets
  • Blood group, Rhesus status and antibodies
  • VDRL
  • MSU & urinalysis
  • Rubella serology
  • HIV
  • Hep C offered to high risk patients
  • GTT if high risk
  • FBS, random s or Alc for all due to high prevalence of diabetes in UAE.

Visits to include reviews, checks and tests in accordance with DHA, Antenatal Care Protocols, 3 ante-natal ultrasound Scans.

*Above requires prior approval from the Insurance company. In-patient maternity services:

10% coinsurance from the insured member Maximum benefit:

AED 7,000 per normal delivery, AED 10,000 AED for medically necessary C-section, complications and for medically necessary termination (All limits include coinsurance)

*All above treatments require prior approval from the insurance company or Within 24 hours of emergency treatment.

Pre- and post-natal complications Covered within the above ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth’ benefit
New Born Cover Cover for 30 days from birth under the mother’s card

  • BCG,
  • Hepatitis B and neo-natal screening tests Phenylketonuria (PKU), Congenital
  • Hypothyroidism,
  • Sickle cell screening, congenital adrenal hyperplasia).

*All above treatments require prior approval from the insurance company or within 24 hours of emergency treatment.

Cover Extension:

On sole discretion of ADNIC, the coverage shall be extended outside the UAE for treatment, along with Airfare.

The Coverage shall be extended provided the cost of treatment outside UAE for the required medical procedures is less than 70% of applicable Network rates with a minimum difference of AED 3,000/-,

Air ticket will be covered for insured members in respect of elective treatment subject to the following:

  1. On eligibility, Covered up to a maximum of AED 2,000/- on reimbursement basis
  2. Benefit if covered only for In-Patient treatments for Economy class round trip ticket only for patients (i.e. accompanying persons are not covered)
Teleconsultation Benefit through TruDoc 24X7
  • 24X7 access to highly trained and licensed Doctor’s & wellness experts.
  • Medication delivery, wherever applicable and within the regulatory framework.
  • Support for Healthy Life style and support for Acute and Chronic Conditions Appointment booking, on your behalf, within your network.


Tuition for the semester is considered fully earned at the end of the third week of classes. Should the student withdraw from the University during the first three weeks of the semester, they may be eligible for a refund of the unearned portion of tuition, program fee, and administrative fee as follows: Add/Drop – 100%, week 2 – 50%, week 3 – 25%. Please refer to the Master (Dubai Executive) Academic Calendar for specific semester dates. Visa-related fees and medical insurance fees are not subject to this withdrawal policy.

There will be no refund or additional charges for a student who drops and adds an equal number of semester hours within the same semester prior to the end of the Add/Drop Period. If a student reduces the number of courses during the published Add/Drop Period, a tuition adjustment for that course will be made. There is no tuition refund when a student withdraws from a course after the end of Add/Drop Period but remains enrolled in another course.

  • 1,000 USD tuition deposit is nonrefundable and is applied to the first semester tuition
  • Annual visa application fee is nonrefundable after the visa application has been submitted for processing to Immigration
  • Visa maintenance fee is nonrefundable after the visa application has been submitted for processing to Immigration
  • Tuition, program fee, and administrative fee are subject to the adjustment schedule outlined above
  • Medical insurance fee is nonrefundable once the policy has been purchased on behalf of the student

If the initial student visa application is rejected by immigration authorities, the student will be canceled out of the program by the Office of Records and Registration and qualify for refund of all charges except visa application fee.

FAQs for Students Seeking to Study at the Dubai Location

Is the degree program the same as in the US?

Yes, the degree program and course are exactly the same as in the USA.

Will my degree certificate mention Dubai?

No, the diploma will not say “DUBAI”.  It will only say Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

What is the GPA requirement for admission?

A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for admission.

What are my fees and charges?

Tuition is charged every semester the student is enrolled.

Program fee is charged every semester the student is enrolled and considered part of tuition.

Administrative fee is charged to cover expenses related to enrollment management, record-keeping, student support services, and/or additional administrative costs like equipment and supplies. This fee is a one-time payment.

Visa application fee is charged every year the student is enrolled. Subject to change by the UAE government.

Visa maintenance fee is charged to cover the costs of closing the student’s visa at the end of their program of study or should the student leave the University without notice. This fee offsets administrative expenses associated with the preparation of student visa. This fee is a one-time payment and nonrefundable.

Medical insurance fee is charged in order to purchase the policy on behalf of the student. Students are required to have medical insurance.

Is financial aid available?

Graduate students are not eligible for institutional financial aid. We ask that students have financial support for the duration of their program or seek financial assistance from outside sources.

Is there an online orientation?

We will support you one-on-one at this time.

Can my dependents join me in Dubai?

Unfortunately, students are not currently allowed to sponsor dependents or parents.

That may change soon since the Dubai Government declared a new visa policy last year, but it is yet to be implemented.

How/where can I obtain employment?

Yes, The law allows you to work in the UAE and study at the same time.  Dubai has a lot of current job openings. We would suggest applying for jobs on the online job boards and directly on the employer websites.

Does the university provide housing accommodations? Where can I live?

While HU Dubai does not offer accommodations, we recommend the following two options to get started:

Both The Myriad and KSK offer free shuttle service every 40 minutes to Dubai Knowledge Park until 10 PM Monday through Friday and during the day on Saturday.

Dubai has many apartments, hostels, and executive hotels at affordable rates and available for students.

I prefer to study in the US. Can I transfer to the US?

Yes, you can transfer from Dubai directly to Harrisburg University in the USA. 100% of the credits transfer and since we follow the same academic calendar it will be seamless with no delays.

Are my credits in Dubai transferable to the US?

Yes, 100% to Harrisburg University.  Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee what transfers to other USA Universities, but you can expect most will since we are fully accredited by Middles States.

Is it safe for female students?

Yes, very safe for women.  Dubai is considered among the top 10 safest cities in the world for women.

Does the university help me find employment or an internship?

We are more than happy to assist you in your search for employment or an internship but cannot guarantee one.  However, Dubai has a lot of current job openings.  And, the law allows you to work while studying.

Can getting an education with HU Dubai allow me to get an OPT visa for the USA?

To participate in OPT in the USA, you must obtain an F1 visa and transfer to the USA campus. You can join the program now in Dubai, then transfer to the USA once your F1 visa is approved. You must complete at least one year of your degree program in the USA to qualify for OPT after graduation.

Can starting at HU Dubai allow me to transfer to HU’s Harrisburg location?

Yes, you can join the program now in Dubai, then transfer to the USA once your F1 visa is approved. All credits earned at Harrisburg University in Dubai are transferable to the main campus in Harrisburg, PA. Although we cannot guarantee F1 visa approval, we suggest going to the US Consulate or Embassy for an F1 visa interview near the end of your first year in the program to show proof of the intention to complete the program in the USA.

Can completing a Master’s degree at HU Dubai allow me to get a student visa to continue my education, an OPT visa, or an H1B to work in the USA?

Harrisburg University cannot guarantee F1 visa approval or participation in OPT, or a visa status change after graduation. However, joining the Master’s program at Harrisburg University – Dubai may increase your chances of obtaining an F1 visa and/or future opportunities in the USA if you can show the visa officer that you have made adequate progress or completed the program.

Dubai Knowledge Park

Block 19, First Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

dubai location

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Harrisburg University also has many academic programs that hold additional accreditation from, and have met the educational quality standards of, the following accrediting agencies that are specific to their individual disciplines, including the PMI Global Accreditation Center, ABET, and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.