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2015 Summer Exploration Camps

Are you naturally curious? Do you like to fix things, make things, or understand how things work by taking them apart? Wouldn't it be great if you could earn college credit while having fun exploring your passion? If you're in high school and ready to test out a college class, the Summer Exploration Camps are the perfect opportunity! Earn college credit and have fun. It's a great way to stay active this summer. Meet new people who have similar interests, and test out college courses that have been specially designed for this summer exploration format. Studying science or technology can go hand-in-hand with having fun--especially in the summer, when you're free to explore the things that really get you thinking.

Each of the Harrisburg University Summer Exploration Camps takes a unique look at a field of science or technology, or the business of science and technology. While learning is the key goal for the program, you'll be surprised how much fun you can have letting your imagination run wild with the potential inventions, technologies, or scientific issues you can explore.

Plus you can earn college credit! Successful completion of the program results in earning college credit which you can use at Harrisburg University, or to enhance your college application.

Exploring Video Gaming: Summer Game Academy

Don't just play games, create them! Learn professional techniques for designing and producing video games in this intensive program which will walk you through the development process from concept to prototype! The Academy focuses on game programming, game art creation, audio production, and level design. Students with skills in visual arts, story-telling, or programming will be grouped into balanced teams. Each team will design, produce, and market a video game.

  • June 15-26 Two-week camp at Harrisburg University
  • July 13-17 One-week camp at Harrisburg University
  • July 20-24 (Chester County)
  • July 27-31 One-week camp at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia

Click here to learn more about this camp. If you are ready to apply, click here to fill out the application..

Exploring LEGO Robotics

Think LEGOs are for kids? Not when you're using them as robot raw materials! If you're a creative, math-savvy soul itching to learn computer programming, the LEGO(R) robotics kits in this hands-on exploration are your license to build. You'll learn basic programming techniques to create a 'robot prototype' using sensors, motors, and lots of creativity. Build and program a robot to follow a track in any direction, to walk and sense a room through an obstacle avoidance algorithm, to mimic human moods and emotions, even to perform synchronized dancing!

Presentations are followed by hands-on exercises performed in groups where creativity is a key component. The primary goal is to develop visual and textural programming skills while developing the leadership and teambuilding skills that are necessary for today's fast-moving programming process. If you're a high school student interested in enrolling in this camp, come with a solid understanding of high school algebra.

Exploring Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

From Amazon drones to smart phones, geographic information systems, or GIS, are "where it's at" in today's technology! Have you noticed there are more and more apps that ask you to turn on location services? There's a lot of advanced technology behind that 'blue dot' that always shows where you are. And, there are endless examples of geospatial systems in our lives! Discover how it works and how it can help solve problems in business, science or society.

You'll learn "why" and "how" during hands-on labs that include getting outside the classroom to experiment! All this introductory GIS learning comes wrapped in a small summer session where you can earn college credits AND have fun!

Nanobiotechnology Explorations

Are you fascinated by the idea of microscopic machines transforming our world? (Imagine light bulbs as small as bacteria!) Do you like hands-on experiments and problem solving? Do you want to change the world? If you answered "Yes!" then Nanobiotechnology Explorations is here for you this summer!

Nanobiotechnology is the study of how existing elements in nature are used to invent or improve technologies. These tiny nano-structures can be used in everything from engineering materials, fuels, textiles, medicine, the environment and more. Whatever area of science you enjoy, you'll get more than a "nanoblast" of learning from this hands-on camp!

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Think you could run your own business? Would you be surprised to know that many high-school students have successfully kicked off a business that goes on to succeed? We're talking about more than lemonade stands or babysitting. Even though that's a fine starting place for a budding entrepreneur! If you've got big ideas, or just a nagging curiosity about solving a problem, you might have the right stuff to become an entrepreneur. This program will walk you through a simple process for seeing if your idea has potential as a business. Maybe you just want to be the boss and run the company - there's a place for that kind of drive in this program too!

The Science and Technology of Transportation

Think flying cars are science fiction? We're already seeing the start of self-driving cars and remote controlled drones for small package delivery. Imagine what's next on the horizon!

Transportation is an industry that touches everyone almost every day -- so when it comes to important career fields, this is a big one! Whether we're moving people or products, and whether the mode is land, air, or rail, Central Pennsylvania's transportation industry buzzes with activity.

This will be an action-packed program with plenty of labs, off-campus activities and interesting technologies to get your hands on! The camp explores up-and-coming issues facing the transportation industry through the lens of advanced and emerging science and technologies.

Discover how new fuel sources and engineering materials are leading to new possibilities for vehicle and roadway construction? Explore how geo-location systems allow for remote-controlled vehicles like delivery drones and self-driving cars? The program features scientific applications and advanced technologies from the University's curriculum in Nanobiotechnology and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). You'll discover two exciting STEM fields and how they are impacting the important industry of transportation!

Looking for more options?

Looking for more options? Review the Summer Session list for more introductory level courses open to high school students.

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