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Integrative Sciences B.S. Degree

The B.S. in Integrative Sciences at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was designed to start with the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics, and then allow students the flexibility to concentrate in Biology, Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Science & Renewable Energy, Forensics, or Pharmaceutical Design & Development.

This major produces well-prepared alumni with knowledge in the physical sciences to enter graduate school or a career path. An environment favorable to interdisciplinary learning in science is provided, and through classroom and experiential learning opportunities, the student is allowed to develop his or her own interests in the areas where the different disciplines overlap.


This isn't your high school science class. We take learning beyond beakers and test tubes - allowing you to discover real biological phenomena, while working side-by-side with top doctors, scientists and CEOs.

Biological Chemistry

Do you enjoy aspects of both Biology & Chemistry? Biological Chemistry combines the best of both areas of study and broadens your exposure to a variety of career opportunities.


Chemistry is the science that touches nearly every aspect of our existence. From developing new forms of energy to stopping the next killer superflu, chemistry can be your launch pad into a new and exciting career.

Environmental Impact of Pharmaceuticals

Have you ever thought what happens to the washing powder, beauty creams and pharmaceutical drugs that you have taken in your lifetime? It doesn't end after you leave the bathroom, the agents need to be removed from the water at the treatment plant and prevented from re-entering the water supply. Working with specialists from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), students learn in the classroom and from field experts on how government testing methods are used to ascertain what is in our air, food, water and products. Completing studies in this concentration prepares students for careers or graduate studies.

Environmental Science & Renewable Energy

The health of our natural environment and the prosperity of our nation will depend on finding ways to produce clean, renewable energy. It may come from the sun or it may come from bacteria but it won't come at all without fresh ideas from young scientists. Are you up to the challenge?


Here you'll find that real crime scenes take the place of traditional classrooms. The forensics program is the true science behind shows like CSI.

Pharmaceutical Design & Development

This concentration provides students the opportunity to understand the impact modern drugs have on mainstream science. The concentration serves to develop and bolster a student's understanding of the relationships between physiology and biochemistry laying foundations for careers in scientific research, medicine, pharmacy and more. The introduction to other fields of research such as bioinformatics and computer-aided drug design introduces the importance of utilising the vast online resources to initiate research and development processes.

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