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M.S. Information Systems Engineering and Management

The 36-credit hour Information Systems Engineering & Management (ISEM) master's degree program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is designed to provide you with both the technical and business skills you need to plan, engineer/re-engineer, and manage the systems to support modern digital enterprises. The program is available for full-time or part-time students.

The ISEM program cuts across the following three active areas of work:

  • Information Systems: latest technologies and approaches (e.g., web-based components, mobile computing and wireless communications, business intelligence, emerging technologies)
  • Systems Engineering: systems thinking and emphasis on systems instead of individual components; enterprise architectures consisting of people, processes and technologies
  • Management: business strategies, entrepreneurship, planning, integration, security, governance, global enterprises, agile enterprises

ISEM is a flexible and interdisciplinary program that emphasizes the enterprise architecture, planning and management issues at global levels. An ISEM student may specialize in the following areas:

  • Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Government
  • Digital Health
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Engineering and Development
  • No Specialization

Core Courses

The program's five required core courses provide students with a strong, relevant and timely background in strategic planning, systems engineering, business strategy, global and digital enterprises, user-centered design, systems analysis and design, and enterprise architectures and integration. Students can then take elective courses in topics that span project management, multimedia management, entrepreneurships, digital governments, digital health, enterprise management, leadership, financial aspects of systems, learning technologies, business intelligence, Internet technologies, information security and governance, mobile computing, and others. Students can also pursue independent studies and master's thesis projects to investigate areas of individual or professional interest. An experiential project course serves as the required capstone of the program.

Main Features of the ISEM Program

ISEM is a very flexible interdisciplinary program that can be customized for students with different backgrounds and educational/professional needs. A student can enter the ISEM program with the following backgrounds:

  • IS/IT background
  • Non-IS/IT background
  • Mixture

All entering students take IS Planning (ISEM 500) that covers the core concepts of ISEM. Students with minimal or no training in IS/IT are required to take a bridge course on ICT Principles (ISEM 501) that covers the needed IS/IT concepts through hands-on experiments. Students then take two management courses and two IS/IT courses for a well-rounded background. Upon completion of the five required (15 credits), students can then take 15 credits in areas of their interest (management, IS/IT or mixture). Students can thus study more management, more technologies or a mixture as part of the ISEM program. If needed, the students can use the 15 elective credit hours to specialize in digital health, entrepreneurship, digital government, project management, information security or enterprise architectures. A student may also choose to build a customized program of study by taking different electives from different areas of study.

NEW Curricular Practical Training

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